Audio Icons Update

File under naked self promotion. My Audio Icons hi-fi print website has had a couple of updates. Firstly, and as I mentioned in a blog post a little while ago (this one), I’ve been working on an illustration of the Naim NBL, a speaker I conceived and designed while at Naim in the late 1990s. Of […]

Hi-Fi Speakers or Professional Monitors?

There’s a question that comes up regularly in music recording magazines and on pro-audio forums, usually asked by less experienced musicians or recording engineers. It goes, “can I use hi-fi speakers for monitoring?” Sometimes it takes a different form; “what’s the difference between a hi-fi speaker and a professional monitor?”, but that question is really a […]

Getting The (Fuzz) Measure

I’ve been measuring speaker performance ever since I washed-up at Mordant-Short in the early 1980s as a raw design graduate. One of the first things I learned was how to use a set of classic Brüel & Kjær acoustic measurement equipment comprising a measuring microphone, a combined oscillator/preamp/analyser (one of these) and a paper chart recorder (like this). Once warmed-up, the […]

Too Much Choice

Those who know me will be aware of my allegedly unhealthy interest in bass guitars. It is unarguable however that you can never have too many bass guitars, and actually, compared to some folk, my collection (currently five) is decidedly modest. The latest bass guitar acquisition is one that falls into the ‘self assembly’ category, […]

Have We Forgotten The Enclosure?

In the last line of my LS3/5A blog post I wondered how far we’ve really come in the last four decades or so of electro-acoustic engineering. The question prompted a comment from one well known speaker engineer that we’ve come a long way in terms of driver design, particularly in diaphragm materials and magnet systems […]

NBL: Perhaps not an Audio Icon, but…

Since launching the Audio Icons hi-fi print project I’ve had a few requests from Naim enthusiasts to include an illustration of the NBL, a speaker I conceived and co-developed at Naim during the last years of the 20th Century. On the grounds however that implying a speaker I designed is “iconic” might seem a little, well, self reverential, I’d always resisted the temptation to illustrate […]

Not the LS3/5a

Thanks to a commission from Sound On Sound to write a feature on the fabled BBC LS3/5A monitor  (combined with a review of the Graham Audio Chartwell LS3/5), I found myself extensively researching the story of the speaker. I mean, the last thing I needed to do when writing about the ‘3/5A was to get anything wrong […]