Industrial Design

Acoustic Energy AE22 01
Acoustic Energy AE22 active nearfield monitor

My degree was in Engineering with Industrial Design and I’ve been involved in the conception, design, development and manufacture of numerous consumer products since the early 1980s – sometimes as part of a team and sometimes, more individually. The images below illustrates a few examples of products that mostly fall into the latter category. Some of these made it in to production while some were merely concept proposals or design studies.

Acoustic Energy AEGO T 5.1 speaker system

Cients I’ve worked with on design and development projects include: Mordaunt-Short, Canon, Naim Audio, Cyrus Electronics, TW Electronics, Creek Electronics, Daler Rowney, Epos Acoustics, Therefore Product Design and Acoustic Energy. If you’d like to explore what I could potentially bring to your product design project, please get in touch via the contact form on the About Me page.

Links to press reviews of a few of these products are here:

Acoustic Energy AE22 (Sound on Sound)
Acoustic Energy AE22 (What Hi-Fi)
Acoustic Energy AE22 Passive (What Hi-Fi)
Acoustic Energy Pro 5.1 (What Hi-Fi)
Acoustic Energy Aego T (Home Cinema Choice)
Naim NBL (Stereophile)

Pallette A
Artist palette concept for Daler Rowney
Naim NBL
Naim NBL loudspeaker
Radio Concept A
Table radio concept (client confidential)
Speaker A
Floor-stand speaker concept (client confidential)
Amp and CD
Amplifier and CD player concept (client confidential)
AE Pro Sat
Acoustic Energy Pro-Sat compact active speaker
Handset B
Customisable remote handset concept for TW Electronics.
AE12 Concept F
Satellite speaker concept (client confidential)