SoS CoverI’m probably best known these days among musicians and music recording practitioners for the monitor reviews I write for Sound On Sound magazine. I was first published however as a music reviewer in hi-fi magazines in the mid 1980s, and since then, along with the Sound On Sound contributions, I’ve written numerous review and feature articles for a multitude of hi-fi, professional audio, music and design publications. Click on the images for examples of reviews and features in Sound On Sound magazine, and music features in Naim Audio’s Connections magazine.

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Back to Sound On Sound, the complete list of my
monitor reviews goes like this:

Amphion One15, One18 and Two15
Barefoot Footprint 01, MicroMain 45 and Micromain 35 Gen 2
Blue Sky System One and Media Desk
Dynaudio BM5A, Lyd 5 and Lyd 8
Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD512/A502
Fluid Audio FPX7
Geithain RL944K
Genelec 8340A and 8350A
Graham Audio Chartwell LS3/5  and LS6
HEDD Type 20
JBL 705P and 708P
KEF LS50 Wireless
Kii Audio Three
Manger Audio C1
Mission Pro SM6A
OS Acoustics DB7
Pioneer RM05 and RM07
Presonus Eris E44 and E66, and R65 and R80
Prodipe Pro 8-3W
PSI Audio A25M
Unity Audio Pebble & Bam Bam