Music @ Phil’s


Music @ Phil’s is the Brighton recording and mix facility of bass player, speaker design consultant, recording engineer and Sound on Sound magazine contributor Phil Ward.

Located next to the sea in Brighton’s Kemp Town district, Music @ Phil’s is housed in a comfortable and quiet recording environment equipped with ProTools, Focusrite mic preamps and converters, a varied selection of microphones and instruments, and high-class monitoring. Equipment changes all the time but generally the list looks like this:

Recording: ProTools 12.4 with a wide range of processing and instrument plug-ins.
Interface A to D/D to A: Focusrite Forte or Focusrite Scarlett.
Outboard Microphone Preamps: Focusrite ISA One, Focusrite VoiceMaster.
Microphones: AKG, SE Electronics, DPA, CAD, M-Audio, Behringer.
Monitoring: KEF LS50 and/or whatever Sound on Sound review subject is in residence.
Headphones: Bowers & Wilkins, Sennheiser.
Outboard: Alesis Wedge reverb, TL Audio Fatman stereo valve compressor.
Keyboards: Yamaha P70 piano, Novation XioSynth, Evolution e-Keys MIDI controller.
Strings: Wal, NS Design, Veillette and Fender electric basses, no-name Czech made 3/4 double-bass, LAG nylon acoustic guitar.
Bits and pieces: The usual bunch of hand drums and percussion.

Over the years, Muisc @ Phil’s has played host to recording and mix projects for: The Galleons, Richard Cousins, Comic Life, Daniel Mulhern, Foo Foo, Birte Paulsen, Miriam Cooke, Nordic Giants, Brighton College and quite a few others. Tracks by some of these artists can be found on my SoundCloud page and if you’d like to join that list, or want to propose a collaborative project please get in touch.