That LS3/5A Phenomenon

Now, I appreciate that I’m describing a niche category within a niche category, but among audiophiles, the BBC LS3/5A is perhaps the most widely celebrated loudspeaker. And now I’m about to perpetuate the hullabaloo by blogging about it for a second time (my first Music & Miscellany post was entitled, Not The LS3/5A – you […]

A Most Remarkable Read

A couple of my favourite bands over the last decade have been Shearwater and Loma, and both have Jonathan Meiburg at their core. But Jonathan is more than just a unique and gifted songwriter and musician, because along with his career in music he’s very active in the field of evolutionary zoology, with a particular […]

Music Month – January (Indifference)

The third curious piece of music to arise from my attempt to create a piece each month is even later than the second. But better late than cliché, eh? This piece is entitled, ‘January (indifference)’ and the name reveals firstly that I began working on the piece some four months ago, and secondly that, in […]

Music Month – November

Yes, I know it’s February, but I was remiss late last year in not posting the second instalment of my Music Month project to compose and record a finished piece of curious music every month. So here is November, in, err February. November is based on a double-bass melody (if that’s not too ambitious a […]

Music Month – October

For years, well decades really, I’ve occasionally spent time in metaphorically darkened rooms trying to come up with curious pieces of music. The pieces have invariably remained unfinished (partly because, with the almost unlimited opportunities provided by contemporary music tech, believing something to be finished is all but impossible). And, along with never finishing a […]

Why I Love

Sound On Sound, the audio magazine that I regularly write for, includes a monthly column called, ‘Why I Love….’ and back in August 2019 I wrote a piece for the column entitled, “Why I Love…Fretless Bass’. The piece resulted in quite a bit of feedback and comment at the time, but as I know not […]

Monitoring On the Cheap: Part 3

In my, ‘Monitoring On The Cheap: Part 2’ post of October 2019 I described refurbishing a pair of 1980s Bowers & Wilkins DM550 hi-fi speakers. That pair of speakers has since been loaned out to a musician/recording engineer friend who uses them regularly for secondary monitoring duties. I purchased the DM550s following some eBay browsing […]

Canon Audio (Part 5)

I finished Part 4 of my Canon Audio story with the company; a slightly awkward fusion of Japanese multi-national and UK specialist speaker manufacturer, riding relatively high and commercially growing on the twin waves of home-cinema and commercial custom installed sound. The company’s prospects were also helped significantly by a growing export business through the […]

Canon Audio (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of my short history of Canon Audio. If you’ve no clue what the hell I’m on about, I’d suggest a quick look at the three previous Canon Audio posts. I described in Part 3 the design and development of the Canon S-30. The S-30 was significant not only because it gave […]

Canon Audio (Part 3)

Part Two of my Canon Audio story closed once again with a promise to write about the S-30, the fledgling company’s first attempt to launch a Wide Imaging Stereo (WIS) speaker system at more competitive retail price. And this time I’ll be good to the promise. Though is was relatively, and perhaps surprisingly, successful, S-50 […]