Canon Audio (Part 5)

I finished Part 4 of my Canon Audio story with the company; a slightly awkward fusion of Japanese multi-national and UK specialist speaker manufacturer, riding relatively high and commercially growing on the twin waves of home-cinema and commercial custom installed sound. The company’s prospects were also helped significantly by a growing export business through the […]

Canon Audio (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of my short history of Canon Audio. If you’ve no clue what the hell I’m on about, I’d suggest a quick look at the three previous Canon Audio posts. I described in Part 3 the design and development of the Canon S-30. The S-30 was significant not only because it gave […]

Canon Audio (Part 3)

Part Two of my Canon Audio story closed once again with a promise to write about the S-30, the fledgling company’s first attempt to launch a Wide Imaging Stereo (WIS) speaker system at more competitive retail price. And this time I’ll be good to the promise. Though is was relatively, and perhaps surprisingly, successful, S-50 […]

Monitoring On The Cheap: Part 2

It was quite a while ago now that I blogged about a pair of Bowers & Wilkins DM550 speakers that I’d found and bought on eBay (the blog post is here). After checking the speakers were working correctly, which, apart from a minor tweeter pair match issue, they were, my plan was to upgrade them with […]

Canon Audio (Part 2)

I concluded Part 1 of my Canon Audio story by promising to begin Part 2 with a description of the third product launched by the fledgling UK specialist speaker company crossed with a Japanese camera multi-national. That third product was the S-30, a compact, stand/wall mount hi-fi speaker intended to offer most of the S-50s […]

A Little Genelec

Finnish monitor company Genelec has long practiced an uncompromising, engineering led approach to electro-acoustic design. And while that approach has undoubtedly resulted in many immensely impressive technical achievements, for some folk in the music recording and mix community, Genelec monitors are sometimes said to be lacking a certain something. Those for example who rely on […]

Canon Audio (Part 1)

I’ve had quite a few people over the years ask me about the history of Canon Audio, the short-lived specialist speaker off-shoot of the giant Japanese camera and printer company. So I decided that, rather than repeatedly answering similar questions, I’d write a few blog posts recounting the story. I worked at Canon Audio in […]