Keep On Running

HFP Running InMy ‘Running-In – Please Pass‘ post (that became a Sound On Sound magazine feature ) generated a degree of feedback and it prompted me to track down a much longer feature on the same subject that I wrote for Hi-Fi Plus magazine back in 2003. For the feature, I, and electro-acoustic measurement specialist Phil Knight, borrowed a virgin pair of Bowers & Wilkins CDM1 NT speakers, performed a comprehensive set of electro-acoustic measurements on both speakers and then subjected one of them to 10 hours a day of high-level pink noise for three weeks (in a friend’s unused attic in the middle of nowhere). The other speaker of the pair was left untouched. Following the three weeks of pink noise we repeated the set of measurements on both speakers and compared the before and after data. I won’t spill the beans and spoil the plot here, but you can read the whole piece by clicking this link: HFP Running In.

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