Music Month – November

Yes, I know it’s February, but I was remiss late last year in not posting the second instalment of my Music Month project to compose and record a finished piece of curious music every month. So here is November, in, err February.

November is based on a double-bass melody (if that’s not too ambitious a term for a bit of noodling) I’ve had kicking around for a while. It begins with some soft piano chords slowly assembled in a manner inspired by Icelandic composer Òlafur Arnalds, and then becomes more expansive as programmed drums, various string pad and arpeggio voices, electric upright bass and then fretless electric basses are added – the basses doubling and echoing the original melody. Have a listen and see what you think. You can play the track below or find it on my Soundcloud page here.

A major inspiration for both Music Month pieces has been Spitfire Audio’s brilliant (and free) Labs range of virtual instruments, so I’ll give them a little plug. You can read more about Spitfire Audio here. The percussion came from my favourite virtual drum plugin – Avid’s Strike.

And what of pieces for December, January and Feburary? Well there’s things underway, but a house move, work, dog walking and planning a new garden studio has somewhat taken over for a while. That’s my excuse anyway.

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