Covers That Just Shouldn’t Be..

A short muso post here. I’ve been listening to a particular couple of favourite Spotify tracks a bit recently: Kurt Elling’s cover of the Adrian Belew period King Crimson song, ‘Matte Kudasai’: ( and The Unthanks’ cover of another King Crimson track, ‘Starless’: (

So I found myself thinking about other unlikely, cross-genre covers and remembered, for a start, that Yes recorded a decidedly “out-there” version of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘America’ on the Fragile album: ( I’ve used the three track to kick off an, “Unlikely Cross-genre Covers” playlist on Spotify: (…/…/playlist/21BWLHTT7QfVD54ZWjmC9B).

More suggestions would be welcome.

kurt-elling-the-gate fragile last

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