Audio Icons Update

File under naked self promotion. My Audio Icons hi-fi print website has had a couple of updates. Firstly, and as I mentioned in a blog post a little while ago (this one), I’ve been working on an illustration of the Naim NBL, a speaker I conceived and designed while at Naim in the late 1990s. Of course it’s not for me, or it shouldn’t be anyway, to claim that the NBL is iconic, but hey, I had a few requests for an illustration and it seemed a bit much to change the name of the website….Anyway, the NBL illustration is now finished and up on the Audio Icons site.

Secondly, it struck me a couple of weeks ago that Audio Icons illustrations would make fun t-shirts. I mean, what more could a hi-fi geek want for Christmas than iconic British hi-fi speakers (or amplifiers) on a t-shirt? So, following a few test runs, Audio Icons t-shirts are now a “thing”. Please get in touch if you want one.

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