Secrets of The Neumann KH150

My work reviewing nearfield monitors for Sound On Sound occasionally provokes thoughts that are perhaps a little too far off-piste for the relatively simple needs of a magazine review, and my recent review of the newly introduced Neumann KH150 was prime example. I gave the KH150 a very positive review in the magazine, but having […]

Monitoring On The Cheap: Part 1

In the nearfield monitor reviews I write for Sound On Sound I sometimes find myself explaining that the monitors in question are frighteningly expensive and for the majority of readers will probably remain, “an aspiration rather than a realistic option”, or some other comfortable phrase intended to soften the sad news that most of us […]

Hi-Fi Speakers or Professional Monitors?

There’s a question that comes up regularly in music recording magazines and on pro-audio forums, usually asked by less experienced musicians or recording engineers. It goes, “can I use hi-fi speakers for monitoring?” Sometimes it takes a different form; “what’s the difference between a hi-fi speaker and a professional monitor?”, but that question is really a […]